Digital nomads are workers who work “remotely”, i.e. from home, freelancers, or entrepreneurs who are independent of location and have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. All they need is a laptop and good Wifi that allows them to move from one place to another whenever they want. They travel the world, and each new location they visit becomes their home for a few weeks or months, and then they move on to the next. Due to their long-stay reservations, these guests are preferred by homeowners. Read how to prepare your apartment to attract these desirable guests.

  1. Equip your apartment with accessories and furniture that resemble a home office

Digital nomads don’t travel in their spare time. For them, travel is a lifestyle that includes working in the places they visit. Because of this, it is likely that they will use your apartment as a home office and spend much more time in it than ordinary tourists would. How can you convince them that your apartment will meet all their needs?

When photographing your apartments for booking channels, be sure to furnish and display them in a way that can serve as an inspiring workspace. Equip the apartment with a table and a comfortable office chair and, if possible, try to place them in the part where there is the most natural light. Add a photo of a coffee machine or other amenities that can often be found in the office. Don’t forget to mention that in the description of the apartment. This will make your accommodation much more attractive to digital nomads.

  1. Equip the apartment with maximum digitalization

It may sound obvious, but WiFi speed matters to digital nomads. More than half (52%) rated finding fast and reliable internet as one of the biggest challenges of a nomadic lifestyle, and WiFi needs vary by profession. Streaming YouTube videos is not the same as uploading, not to mention the hours spent in video chat, where the lag can be frustrating. A strong Wifi connection is something that home workers will look for wherever they are. In addition to WiFi, other digital amenities can attract digital nomads, such as plug adapters, high-end hair dryers, USB charging ports, in-room iPads, and similar.

  1. Offer discounts to popular places nearby

They may spend much of the day working from home, but they won’t be locked inside all day. Digital nomads love to explore local restaurants, coffee shops, yoga studios, gyms, and coworking spaces. Establish partnerships with nearby venues and offer your nomadic guests discounts at these attractive venues. The more networking and meeting opportunities you can offer, the better.

The digital nomad lifestyle has become so popular in recent years that it is predicted that there will be 1 billion of them worldwide by 2035. Therefore, equipping the apartment in order to adapt to their needs can be very important for the successful occupancy of your apartment throughout the season.