When renting an apartment, you face many challenges such as how to attract quality guests, how to maintain the quality and price of accommodation, how to achieve guest satisfaction, how to comply with all laws and regulations, etc. Read our tips that will allow you to become successful in renting your accommodations which will result in apartments full of guests who will be happy to come back and recommend you to others.

1. Be competitive and follow trends

There is more and more accommodation for rent on our market. This means that there is an increased supply, and with it, the price also decreases. In addition, the competition is increasingly demanding, and the owners of apartments and holiday homes invest more and more in the quality of accommodation, renovate them, arrange them stylishly, build swimming pools, and so on. Accordingly, you should also think about how to be competitive. You can achieve this in two ways: by reducing the prices if they are unrealistically high, and by always investing part of the rental income in the renovation and improvement of your accommodation. In this way, you will remain competitive in the long term. In addition, it is very important to follow the trends in the tourist accommodation rental market. So, for example, you can look at the offers of successful renters in your city and see what they all include in their offers and what their reviews are like. Then you too can apply some of their services and methods to improve your quality.

2.  Make sure your guests are satisfied

A satisfied guest will recommend you to others and bring you, new guests, leave you a good review and rating, and maybe even give you extra money as a kind of tip and reward because he was satisfied with the service. That’s why you always take care to do everything you can to make the guests in your apartments happy. Don’t hesitate to do them a small favor (for free if necessary): take them to the airport, take them to the beach, show them local sights, restaurants, and so on. Also, of course, the impeccable cleanliness of the apartments and rooms you rent is very important. Do not be superficial and careless in arranging and cleaning the apartment. Do everything to make the guests in your apartments feel satisfied, happy, and welcome. It is true that every host attracts the kind of guests he deserves.

3. Do business legally

If you want to be a successful apartment renter, you will not achieve this if you rent apartments illegally. The penalties for illegally renting an apartment are many times higher than the potential profit, and it is definitely not worth it.

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