As a landlord, it is important to understand the dynamics of the rental and adapt to the needs of different guests. The two key reservation models are short-stay and long-stay. Below, we’ve highlighted the pros and cons of both models so you can better understand what might work best for your business.

Short-Stay Reservations

Advantages for Renters:

Higher guest traffic: Short stays often allow a larger number of guests because they attract those who want a short and quick experience in a new environment.

Higher price per night: Short-stay accommodations often have higher prices per night, which can increase income in the short term.

More scheduling flexibility: Renters can adjust booking schedules more quickly and better take advantage of seasonal changes in demand.

Disadvantages for Renters:

Higher operating costs: More frequent arrivals and departures can increase operating costs such as cleaning and maintenance of the premises.

Less time for maintenance: Rapid changes of guests mean less time to maintain the accommodation, which can lead to faster wear and tear of equipment, appliances or furniture.

Long-Stay Reservations

Advantages for Renters:

More stable income: Long-term residents contribute to more stable income, which can make financial planning and management easier.

Lower operating costs: Reducing the number of arrivals and departures can result in lower operating costs, especially in terms of space maintenance.

Increased likelihood of referrals: Guests who stay longer have more time to create positive experiences, which increases the chances of referrals.

Disadvantages for Renters:

Fewer opportunities for new guests: Long stays take up space that may be limited for new bookings, especially during peak seasons.

More long-term planning required: Long stays require more careful planning to ensure long-term guest satisfaction.

When choosing between short-stay and long-stay reservations, it is important to consider the specifics of your accommodation, the local market and the target group of guests. Sometimes a combination of both approaches is the best solution to maximize the potential of your accommodation. Understanding the pros and cons of both models will allow you to better tailor your business and provide an outstanding guest experience, regardless of the length of their stay.

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