Agency Rentals Dubrovnik offers its services all over Croatia, both in Dubrovnik, as well as in Split and other cities of this beautiful country. With its innovative approach and dedicated team, this agency provides not only basic reservation management services, but also a wide range of additional services that make the renter’s experience simpler and more profitable.

Managing Reservations on All Main OTA Channels

Rentals Dubrovnik recognizes the importance of presence on the most important online platforms for booking accommodation. Through integration with, Airbnb, Vrbo, Expedia, and other relevant channels, the agency ensures maximum visibility and availability of accommodation to guests. All reservations are synced, that is, our team takes care of the opening and closing of the calendar on all booking channels, simplifying the work of renters who would take care of the apartments independently.

Personalized Services for Renters

What makes Rentals Dubrovnik special is the provision of a package of services tailored to the wishes and needs of renters. While managing reservations is the basic service, i.e. the base, the agency offers the possibility of combining various additional services. This includes:

1. Check-in

Rentals Dubrovnik takes care of the guests’ first impression by organizing a professional reception on the spot. This includes getting to know the space, handing over the keys and providing useful information about the local environment.

2. Communication with Guests

The agency takes responsibility for all communication aspects, from quick response to inquiries to providing useful advice and recommendations. This ensures a smooth and pleasant interaction between landlords and guests that results in positive reviews.

3. Apartment cleaning

Rentals Dubrovnik cooperates with a reliable team of cleaners to ensure a flawless appearance of the accommodation. Regular apartment cleaning is a key element of guest and landlord satisfaction.

4. Washing bed linen

Renters will have a much easier job if they leave the washing of bed linen to an agency, and they can invest their time in something for themselves.

Advantages of cooperation with the Rentals Dubrovnik agency

Professionalism and Dedication: The Rentals Dubrovnik team is dedicated to providing superior services and achieving the best results for renters.

Accommodation Refresh: The agency helps landlords maintain high standards of accommodation, improving reviews and attracting more guests.

Saving Time and Effort: Centralized management of reservations and provision of additional services frees renters from administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on hospitality.

Ultimately, Rentals Dubrovnik is not just a booking agency, but a partner that wants to help renters achieve success in the competitive accommodation market. With their experience and personalized approach, they become a key success factor for all those who want to rent private accommodation in Split.

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