Property Management Agency’s main priority is ensuring a pleasant experience for all guests. However, it always happens that we are “hit” by the so-called “difficult” guests who, if they come often, can pose a challenge to the renters. Whether it’s guests making noise, breaking rules, or any other disruptive behavior, dealing with such situations requires clear communication. Here are some effective strategies for dealing with such guests:

1. Establish clear rules and stick them on the wall

The basis of solving the situation with difficult guests lies in well-defined rules and regulations. Before check-in, clearly state the rules that you expect the guests to respect during their stay in the apartment. Stick the list of rules in a visible place on the wall of the apartment and mention some previous negative experiences with guests who broke the rules to gain their understanding.

2. Maintain open communication

Openly let the guests know that you are available for any problems during their stay but at reasonable hours and that you will solve them as soon as you are able. If the guests have your mobile phone number, it does not mean that you are at their disposal for small problems in the late hours.

3. Try to intervene quickly

Solve problems with difficult guests quickly and decisively. Delayed action can exacerbate conflicts and escalate tension. Aim to resolve complaints quickly and reassure guests that their complaints are taken seriously.

Dealing with “difficult” guests in apartments is inevitable when renting them. However, with clear rules, effective communication and quick intervention, we can mitigate these challenges. By encouraging professional and warm communication that makes guests feel heard and supported, the Property Management Agency team can create such positive guests.

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